A Yule log, or French Bûche de Noël, is a traditional dessert served at Christmas, and may appear to come straight out of the forest. Our version is a bit fancier, covered in ivory-tinted icing and decorated with icing roses, carnations, pine and holly. Serve this holiday-worthy dessert as a spectacular end to your Christmas Day celebrations!

Step 1

Tint icing. Use Color Right base colors and QuickCount color formulas to tint ultra concentrated icing in the following shades:
Dark Red: 1/4 cup white icing + 60 C + 3 B
Light Red: ¼ cup white icing + 35 R + 30 C
Dark Brown: ¼ cup white icing + 35 BR + 4 C + 4 R +4 O
Light Brown: ¼ cup white icing + 6 BR +1 C +1 R +1 O
Dark Green: ¼ cup white icing + 13 BR +12 Y +12 B +3 O
Light Green: ¼ cup white icing + 3 BR +3 Y + 3 B +1 O
Red Berries: ¼ cup white icing + 45 R +7 O
Crimson Stars: ¼ cup white icing + 40 C + 8 B

For all shades, mix 2 tablespoons ultra-concentrated icing with ½ cup white icing.
Use Ivory Icing Color to tint 1/2 cup white icing. Reserve remaining icing white.

Step 2

Make cake. Prepare sponge cake batter following recipe directions. Bake, trim crusty edges, and roll with towel to cool. Fill cake with 2 ½ cups white buttercream icing and re-roll, seam side down. Set aside.

Step 3

Prepare decorating bags.
Tip 104 striped dark red and light red icings
Tip 12 and dark red icing
Tip 12 and dark brown icing
Tip 103 striped dark brown and light brown icings
Tip 366 and dark green icings
Tip 3 and dark green icing
Tip 3 and light green icing
Tip 104 and ivory icing
Tip 8 and red berry icing
Tip 14 and crimson icing

Step 4

Make flowers. Prepare cake board covered with parchment paper. Use tips 104 and striped red icing bag and tip 12 and dark red icing bag to pipe 4 roses and place on prepared board. Use tip 104 with ivory icing to pipe 3 carnations. Place on prepared board. Place in freezer for 30 to 60 minutes.

Step 5

Decorate cake. Use tip 3 and dark and light green icings to pipe long and short pine needles on top of cake. Pipe tip 366 dark green holly laves; use toothpick to pull out points. Use tip 12 and brown icing to pipe 5 elongated bead pine cones bases on top of cake. Begin at the narrow end of the bead and pipe tip 103 striped brown scales. Position roses and carnations on top of cake. Add tip 366 dark green leaves, tip 8 dot red berries Pipe a tip 14 crimson star on each berry.

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